Maravillosa Park


As humans, we always want to go far from where we usually stay it seems. Take the idea of going to the beach. In Cebu City, one can go to Mactan island to go to the beach or even Talisay.

However, my friends decide to meet at  a beach that is two and a half hours from the city. And as usual there are times where city folk willing to forego convenience for that “local” or non commercial feel.

After a 2 and half hour trip or more which can be done by ceres bus or private transport, you see three small signs for resorts on a tall pole, one of them being the Maravillosa Park.

It definitely has that hometown feel. The locals are generally friendly and although  there is no entrance fee, there is a fee to use the bathroom or shower room, 5 pesos to use the bathroom and 10 pesos to use the shower.

The beach is not bad, although I am particular about the sand. Here it was ok, but here are some

pros: Cottage is 500 pesos an depending on availability you can have it overnight

you can stay overnight on the beach

you can rent tents at 300 pesos or if you have your own tent 100 pesos.

the people are generally friendly and you can rent items such as cooking pan

There is a primitive designated cooking are for griling


You really need to bring your own provisions and utensils, sort of like going camping.

If you are into karaoke the local places close 9 or 10 pm. Note this is primitive karaoke, I’m talking put 5 pesos into a machine type.

If you have a private vehicle, make sure to park in municipal area where it is 20 pesos versus parking further away where there is no sign and a local will charge 50 pesos per day.

The low tide is in afternoon and evening, while high tide seems to be in the morning.

In conclusion, the company of good friends makes any place special.  In my opinion, the place was not worth the travel time, but the experience was memorable due to the group of people I spent it with.

Maravillosa Park

Marvilla, Tabuelan, Cebu


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