Noy Lecoy

This place is the original premis for my blog. Where to go on the island of cebu in the after hours. I meant it have a broad latitude meaning after hours can mean after work or the hours where most people would be heading home after the after party.

This place is located outside of naga city and has the appeal in which is close to the ocean and open late. Although there are many stalls like this along the waterfront, this one stands out because it adds the interior decor of a car or travel theme with the license plates on the wall. They were also nice enough to put up a chalk board menu to add to street resto ambiance.

The menu is the standard barbecue menu but with the added feature that they at least keep the barbecue in a glass display.

Although the walking vendors soliciting snacks can be irritating, its still a place to go to in the afterhours.
Noy Lecoy

Naga waterfront


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