I’ve been wanting to try this place, since the first time I saw them put the huge cover over the store announcing that this ice cream store was coming.

Months later, I finally got the opportunity to do so. They claim they are natural and homemade and the idea of having honey with ice cream seemed interesting.

When you enter, the ambiance is contemporary and clean. I immediately ordered the M# or milk cube which is supposed to be their signature ice cream which has the honeycomb topping at 180 pesos.

I also ordered a rasberry macaroon at 60 pesos.

First impressions; the ice cream seemed more like a yogurt or had more ice. Now just so you know I consider ice creams like Tillamook, Breyer’s and Hagen Daz to the best ice creams I have tasted when it comes to vanilla. Especially Tillamook since they claim that their milk comes from steroid or chemical free cows.

The texture of the ice cream was also not as creamy as other ice creams. Again maybe it was just a bad batch that I encountered, but although I enjoyed the novelty of they natural claims and the idea of a honeycomb topping, I was a bit disappointed. The macaroon had a excellent texture but I thought it was too sweet in my opinion.

If you do decide to go, let me know how your experience was.  In addition, I have noticed that they have other ice cream combinations with pretty presentations, so for now this seems to be a place more on show that taste.



IT park

Lahug, Cebu



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