Osaka Takayoki



I first spotted this outfit at a Japanese festival held at srp. The line was riduculosly long throughout the whole day so never got a chance to give it a try.
I’ve been wanting to go to Japan, but unfortunately, I am unable to go at this time. So to compensate, I’ve been visitonf alot of Japanese restaurants lately.
I did notice that they had a spot at island central mall on mactan and would now be . opening.
Build it and I will try it, sure enough the SM seaside location is open and I’m here on the first day.
Of course I had to try the Osaka takoyaki and their tonkatsu. I even ordered dessert.
First impressions, the broth and ramen of the tonkatsu was flavorful and nice texture of the ramen. The takoyaki was delicious on par with sachi which I also consider to have good takoyaki.
The anti climax was the dessert, I ordered the green tea ice shave. Presentation was not so great, I could not taste the green tea as it was overpowered by sugar and condensed milk.
However overall a great experience, I would come back again to try other dishes such as the yakisoba.








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