Egg Cloud Waffle


I attended a Japanese festival in Cebu, called Don Odori and came upon this dessert item. It is not a Japanese item, but instead it is a Hong Kong item. I think it has different names and egg waffle was one of them.

The one was called egg cloud waffle and had a great presentation. You can’t help but notice this stall since there was  a lot of patiently waiting patrons waiting for their order.

The most popular order seemed to be a combination of chocolate flavored waffle. oreo ice cream which came with 2 oreos. I of course tried to go with the Japanese theme and went with a matcha flavored waffle, mango topping, and coffee ice cream (ok so the matcha was the japanese element).

The presentation was exceptional and it was fun to eat. The waffle itself was a little bit on the sweet side, and the match flavor seemed overpowered. The coffee cream was good, as well as the mango and the added pocky stick added the fun factor.

As far as I know they don’t have an official stall yet, but If I see one, I will definitley getting in line.


Egg Cloud Waffle

They attend events, no set location at this time

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