Don Odori Japanese Festival 2017



I have always been fascinated with Japan. Japan’s culture. technology and food have always been something to watch, try and taste. I was trying to figure out how to plan a trip over, but it seems unfeasible due to budgetary reasons.

I recently found about a Japanese festival event and I felt maybe I could get a sneak peak into Japanese culture. So to start, the event was very safety conscious and business conscious. Most likely due to bad events occurring in public arenas, they were strict about what you could bring in from bottled water to other thinks as if you were at the airport and going on a flight.

There is a 20 peso entrance fee. You walk in and its pretty much a open field with long rows of stalls. I was really hoping it would be all Japanese related stalls. But alas it seemed a bit disorganized. There were some non Japanese related stalls, anything from real estate agents selling condos to the usual local knick knacks. There were a few Japanese stalls that were offering Japanese food so I definitely had to give it a try. They also had some kind variety show that covered there own comedy and cosplay contest.

Over all it wasn’t that great. The pros were they did have Japanese stalls offering interesting Japanese food items. But I guess I was hoping for some cultural type presentations, I had read somewhere the may have showed how mochi was made in past and that would have been interesting. Overall it felt more like a flea market or carnival than a Japanese Festival. I still might go in future since it seems to be an outlet for some Japanese vendors to showcase their food since they don’t have a physical restaurant yet.



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