La Lola Churreria

Do you remember a time when your lola fried dough into what were called churros along with a delicious chocolate dip? I can’t say I do, but churros have also become a bit of a novelty.

Although I will always be faithful to the filipino donut, the shakoy. Theis churro has a lot of elegance and style in regards to presentation as you see in the pictures.

Although pricey, I do like the fact that the churros did not taste greasy. They also a wide range of flavors from butterscotch to green tea matcha. I went with the sampler, and it seems not all flavors are cooked to order so aome flavors like white chocolate and strawberry were served cold. The standard churro tasted great. Another odd thing is they charge extra for a dip which is kind of a let down after putting up morr money for the variety package.

Nonetheless, if you are in the mood for indulgence, give this place a try.

La Lola Churreria

SM City Mall

New Wing

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