Lambug Beach


In a time, when Cebu beaches are becoming so popular to the point, its hard to find  peaceful and calming place, I am fortunate to encounter this place.

I wanted to find a place where i could relax from crowds and remember the beaches where it was what I consider traditional. Traditional in way where there  aren’t  a series of restaurants creeping over into the sand with chairs and banners of advertisement all around.

Lambung beach is just the place. Located in Badian, it is about 3 hours from Cebu City by bus. Of course I went on a weekday to ensure the possibility of serenity. The bus trip at this time from the South Bus terminal was about {146 (aircon) and the trycicle trip from stop to actual beach about P30 per person. There are some tables for rent as long as some small “sari sari” type stores, but it was really peaceful and pleasant. They even offer diving as well as what appears places where you can stay overnight.

No string of watercraft cluttering the ocean front, there was a boat or two but not enough to spoil the view. I can only hope this place stays this way and I think it will for now, since there are lot of other beaches that are closer and popular.

Lambug Beach

Badian, Barilli, Cebu.




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