Kumori Japanese Bakery and Cafe



Another place suggested by my cousins, but truth be known this one is a little biased since both of them like cheese cake like desserts and one of them likes the green tea matcha option.

The interior of the place is very inviting and warm. They do offer other baked delights, but the cheese tart seems to be their signature dish.

First impressions, the display case can be deceiving a times, since upon looking I thought they only had a few pieces left, only to find out they had more still cooling in the trays next to the oven.

Taste; both cheese and green tea match tarts tasted good. However I must comment that both tasted the same. There green tea match flavor was a very silent voice in the tart despite the green color.

I would still go again to try their other baked goods.


Kumori Japanese Bakery and Cafe

UP Town Center




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