Sinulog 2017








Life in Cebu can be very exciting and be a continuous flow of celebration. Starting with Christmas time. Christmas a religious time, but also a time for celebration starts the continuity, then New Year’s eve, then Sinulog, Valentine’s Day. then Holy Week or spring break for the non-religious. Whether you are religious or not, these are events that have something for almost everyone.

Although the basis of Sinulog has always been a religious one, over time is has become a time to have a party and attract tourists from around the world. It is important to remember that the dancing and presentations of the parade are in celebration of when Magellan introduced St. Nino and the Catholic Religion to the Philippines.

In any case, I deeply appreciate the sacrifices the students endure in doing their presentations and walking the parade.

As always, we always want to know when the schedule is and if you are an avid photographer like me, you will want to get your equipment ready and head down to the Sinulog foundation Center (located at Cebu City Sports Center) to pay and register for the Photo contest. (Last year it was P1500, P1800 past end of December).

Below is a link for more information:





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