Happy New Year Everyone.


In a past life, I had made the siopao or pork steam bun part of my quest list. Meaning I had planned to seek out and try different places in search for it. The best one I’ve had so far was in Manila, years ago but unfortunately I was not a blogger then and cannot recall the name of the place, since the food was brought to my by someone.

Moving to today, when I saw on the menu they had a named steam bun, of course I had to give this place a try. Also ordered some of the usual dishes, such as  “sticky rice”, shrimp dumpling, and seafood over noodles (this dish had a much fancier name on the menu.

First impressions, the interior is interesting since there seems to be a lot of wood involved. In regards to flavor, nothing really stood out. The sticky rice seemed to be most rice not a lot of filling. If you look at the pictures above, you can also see that the giant steam bun seemed to be mostly bread.

The flavors were slightly below average, but at least the meal was not terrible either.


UP Town Center






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