Genki Sushi




As you can tell from my blogs, I’m a bit of a foodie and like to explore new places. The usual criteria that peaks my interest is reputation, rumors about taste, unfortunately local or national popularity, or sometimes just coming across something while walking around.

Going to this place was no accident. This place was brought to my attention by my cousin, who just happens to enjoy cooking and even went to school for it.

At first, I was not thrilled about the place, since it seemed the main novelty was not the taste, but instead the means to which they deliver the food. It would seem, at this sushi restaurant, you order your food by tapping on a tablet. Once you have confirmed your order, the dishes are prepared and delivered to you via a cute tray in the form of a car or some tray.

It was sort of like a taste of the “future” and it seemed more like a gimmick to me. Fortunately enough, the food did taste good. They also had the novelty of having a hot water dispenser, where you prepare your own green tea mixture with the powder provided.

For the most part, the sushi dishes were standard dishes, but though they were standard, they tasted better than average.

Also notable are the desserts. I am a fan of their match green teach cheese cake. Despite the “gimmicky” food transport system, it does make for conversation and entertainment.


Genki Sushi

UP Town Center







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