Tim Ho Wan

If you watch food travel shows or are into dim sum, then you must have heard of this place. I first heard of this place from watching an Anthony Bourdain show. Tim Ho Wan originates from Hong Kong and that location earned  a Michelin star.

So of course I was intrigued and fascinated. Unfortunately the opportunity to go to Hong Kong did not present itself, but I did see that they would have locations in Manila and eventually in Cebu, at SM seaside. Unfortunately the SM seaside location in Cebu has yet to open, while it seems there are now more that one location in Manila.

I used to go to SM seaside every once in a while hoping that it would open, it first said March 2016 and now the date has removed with no news.

Well since the Tim Ho Wan was not coming to me, by the laws of attraction, I would visit Manila before year is over. I would then make a visit to Tim Ho Wan my first priority and indeed it was right after the airport.

Although it was an evening flight, I was again graced to know that there is a Tim Ho Wan location that is open until 3am. (just one!) We arrived there around 930pm, and the tip is after ten pm not all dim sum dishes are available, but they then offer a “supper menu”.

Again the laws of attraction seemed to be in in effect. We were able to get a table right away, when a few minutes later groups started to come in.

I ordered the signature dishes. First impression, overall the food tasted good, but I didn’t seemed to be “wowed” it. I did like their signature pork bun dish, it had a unique bread texture.

Overall, I it was a happy moment for me and I still look forward to the SM seaside location to open.

Tim Ho Wan

Bonifacio Global Village

Taguig, Manila

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