Hap Chan


Hap Chan is chinese restaurant chain that has been om Manila gor a while and has just recently arrived at the new Robinsons Galleria in Cebu City.  I’ve been to one in Manila during the late hours of one in the morning and just thought of it as dissappointing. Since the one in Cebu, I thought i would give it a try hoping for a better experience.  I ordered fish congee and some dim sum dishes; such as quail egg shumai, taro cake, and a vegetable dish. The fish congee was excellent imho esp the fact that they use parrot fish according to waiter. I’m not a fan of cream dory fish, the dim sum dishes dissapponting except maybe for the fried taro cake. The quail eggs om shumai had a rubber texture to thw shell so i spat them out. The vegetable dish was overcooked imho. I did order beef ho fun for takeout and that did taste good. Ambiance is cramped since they chose same amount of space a fast food stall would pick.

In summary, I would return for fish congee and fried tarot cake but would avoid shumai, especially since this is second time I’ve been dissappointed by their dim sum.

Hap Chan Restaurant

Robinsons Galleria

Gen Maxilom Ave.

Cebu City, Cebu


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