Barikata Ramen 

On a cloudy, rainy day, the vision of enjoying a warm broth seems to linger into one’s mind.  Again with the trend of Japanese ramen places popping up all over the place, why not try another one. 

This place is conveniently located in it park and has a sophisticated pedigree. It is related to the japanese restaurnt also located in IT Park which I consider established because it has been open for quite a while. 

The staff is warm and friendly. I was told that they make theiro own ramen which always adds appeal. I went with the classic shotu tonkatsu ramen and side order of gyoza. Although I’ve been told broths are meant to be salty, this broth was perfectly seasoned for my palate and desire for something not so salty. The ramen also had a nice textur which I enjoyed.

I would definitely come back to this place for the taste but not the portion size, or in the future I would go with the extra ramen option.

Barikata Ramen

IT Park

Cebu City, Cebu

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