Ramen Sora





Ramen seems to slowly becoming a trend in Cebu. So of course when time and budget allows I decided to give Ramen Sora. It is conveniently located in the new Robinsons Galleria Mall.
First impressions, the place is still in soft open stage, so the staff doesen’t seem to have a system yet. So far ive seen ramen prices from P300 and up and have heard there is a place that is at the P750 level.
I went with the ramen labeled “deluxe’ because as the waiter described its like ordering the deluxe room, you get better tv, etc. Suffice it to, say you get all the toppings and more pork. It was close to the P400 level. I also ordered a plate of gyoza as it almost seems mandatory as a side order.
When it comes to taste, it did not dissappoint but it also did not wow me. The noodle texture slightly below average but broth was good. The gyoza was wekk cooked with a slight crisp.
Overall not a bad meal.

Ramen Sora
Robinsons Galleria
Gen. Maxilom
Cebu City

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