Hamakaze Japanese Ramen

As the namesake of my blog suggests, its all about after hours activities in Cebu.

Here, we have a ramen place that just opened last Dec 1 and they are open Mon to Sat 630pm to 5am. 

The place is a hole in the wall,  o e room that then leads to a counter service row. You walk in and you cant help but feel its authentic when the host welcomes you with a bow and the people eating are Japanese, except for cooking staff.

First impressions, I went with chicken soy ramen at p290. Most dishes in p280 range. The flavors are there and the noodles had a nice texture. Maybe p290 allows them to skimp since there was only slice of pork. Overall a cozy place to visit i the afterhours and have a bowl of ramen.
Hamakaze Japanese Ramen

A.S. Fortuna

Mandaue, Cebu City.


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