Dumaluan Beach Resort

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There are times when you want to go on adventure and at same time you are on a shoe string budget. Panglao, Bohol is a perennial favorite among local Filipinos on the Philippines. Although most choose to go to the “alona beach” area or what I like to call “baby boracay” because of the way the resorts have built themselves sides to side on the beach area, a friend and I decided to try Dumaluan beach.

The beach can be reached via tricycle from the alona beach area. I didn’t have high expectations because it seemed like a downgrade from the alona area. But here is what I did discover, this place is an example of beauty in simplicity. You pay your entrance fee, get a table with roof and enjoy the great sand and beach with no neighboring resorts. The beach was beautiful and despite it being a busy saturday there was enough room on the beach for everyone. And if your someone like me that does not do much in regard to preparing snacks, they also have a station where you can order and enjoy delicious seafood at reasonable price. This place was a truly amazing find and I definitely plan to visit again,

Dumaluan Beach Resort

Bolod, Panglao Island, Philippines

+63 38 502 9082

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