Burrito Babes







When you name a restaurant/bar Burrito Babes, the imagination paints a picture of burritos being served by babes or a Mexican Strip joint. Unfortunately this place was neither.  On the outside the building looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book which I found fascinating and definitely unique to other buildings on the street. You walk in and the interior has that “road house” feel to it. Its surrounded by wood paneling, wood tables and glass tops, along with wooden spools which I believe were used to carry wire in past. The babe element seems to be the female body molds mounted on the wall as seen on the picture. The added decor of a british flag on one wall and California license plates adds to the intrigue.

You walk in and the staff seem to be very laid back, maybe too laid back. It was lunch time and the place was pretty empty. I walk up to counter to look for a menu.

On the menu, was the Mongolian beef burrito which was noted as their “best seller”, again Mongolian Beef in Mexico? Maybe I should have stated with a burrito in cebu? I don’t consider myself an expert in Mexican food, so I decided to go with with best seller. 

It did take some time to prepare the food, and I do my best to be patient in the belief that it means that the ingredients are fresh and they still have to put it together. Presentation was ok, portion size I liked. Taste: Hmmm, it was tasty but the meat seemed mushy almost as if it came from a blender. the lettuce tasted good, so overall it was ok.

The place seems to be in “soft open” mode and has the potential to be a nice place to hang out and have a burrito and some servezas, but it definitely needs to improve on the staff service if they exist (it seemed the cook who came out of kitchen was the one who served my food) and the decor.

Burrito Babes

Don Gil Garcia Capitol Site, Cebu City 6000, Philippines


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