Mei-Xin snowy moon cakes

Mcake__089 Mcake__090


This year the Chinese Mid-autumn celebration falls on September 6 to 8, 2014. It is a time when people sacrifice moon cakes to the moon and then eat them in celebration. If you visit an asian supermarket or bakery you will start to moon cakes on sale. Although the traditional moon cake has a baked flaky outside with fillings of lotus seed or red bean and a duck egg yolk in the middle, there are other variations and flavors available. 

Mei-Xin definitely wants you to know they are serious about moon cakes, they offer both the traditional and the contemporary. The even have a small booklet showing the variety of moon cakes they offered.  I was drawn in by the colorful fancy packaging along with the posters of smiling people eating their moon cake. The “snowy” moon cake is not made in the traditional fashion in which it has a baked outside,  but instead it has a “mochi” like covering or something like an pie dough texture. The flavor I chose was green tea and red bean. They did offer flavors such as chocolate and mango, but I decided to try to stick traditional flavors.

Verdict: The dough texture was a little strange to me, but then so is “mochi.” But I did like the filling, I could definitely taste the green tea element and it had the right amount of tea and sweetness. The red bean was present but seemed to be taking a backseat. Overall I liked the combination and would try other flavors and look forward to trying more of their products.


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