Naruto Tukemen Tokyo Noodle

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Ramen! Another after hours activity in Cebu is enjoying a bowl of Japanese Ramen. With shop hours from 12 noon to 4am, this is definitely on the Cebu After Hours list!! This place just opened a week ago according to one of the staff.

Ambiance, its about as simple as can be, you open the door and in front of you is the  counter and kitchen at the same time.  The place is about the size of the average dorm room and plastic tables and chairs, a short order kind of place. At the current time they serve noodle bowl with with different flavor options, original, seafood, and spicy. The also offer the option to eat the noodle in a different way in which the noodle is served out of broth and you dip it into sauce before eating it. I decided to go with the “original flavor” Tokyo noodle.

Taste: Now I’ve been told the traditional tonkatsu Japanese noodle order should be salty and not watered down in flavor. This however has its own name and is called tokyo noodle and I personally prefer the broth to be less salty in taste.  The broth is definitely not watered down, so to me the broth was just right in flavor.  The presentation was ok, but then again remember this is not a fine dining kind of place, its more of an quick meal or after hours meal. The noodles were pretty good though the pieces of pork included seemed almost Filipino in flavoring. I think they realize that the order might be on small side or not that filling since they include a cup of rice with the meal,  a very good idea to those who can have a meal without rice or want to make sure its a filling meal.

This place is new so I’m sure its still in a”soft open” kinda feel and the guy in charge seen in pic helping make noodle is a soft spoken and easy going dude so why not give this place a try.


Naruto Tukemen Tokyo Noodle

Hours: 12 noon to 4am

GND Complex F. Cabahug St. Mabolo, Cebu City.

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