Tokyo Table, Tipolo, Mandaue City, Cebu

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Every once in a while I like to take a break from the usual routine carenderia or eating home in order to stay on budget.  Today was the day I decided to take a break, and decided to go to Tokyo Table in Tipolo, Mandaue City, Cebu City. It’s a bit far from Cebu City, but if your in the area and looking for clean, pleasant place to have a nice meal with professional service this is the place. The presentation gives an aura of quality and the ambiance is very pleasant. The cuisine is primarily Japanese and is buffet style but they also offer the ability to barbecue your food, as well as Chinese Dim Sum dishes and the ability to make you own Vietnamese soup noodle dish called Pho. I have also head that they do not use MSG in their cooking since I am not fond of its use and despite that the food is still delicious in IMHO.

During lunch hours, the dessert selection is limited to ice cream, halox2, and taho. But dinner time is when you get the full selection which includes creme brulee.

Its a welcome sight to have a place like this in this part of town. If you are in the area, and are in the mood for asian cuisine specializing in Japanese.. definitely add this place to the list.

Tokyo Table Restaurant

City Time Square, Mantawi Ave., Tipolo MandaueCebu City 6014Philippines
+63 32 239 7000

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