Coffee Bean $cent

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“Life is to short to drink bad Coffee” A catchy phrase they put on their coffee cups.

Coffee places abound in Cebu City, but this one a the current time fits my blog, theme and taste completely…Cebu After Hours… at the current time they open 6pm to 2pm since they are in the “soft opening” stage. 

The place embodies afterhours since I’ve heard they plan to go 24 hours after the grand opening and are also located on Mango Ave. (General Maxilom Ave.) Which is definitely the after hours area. This is where a lot of clubs, bars, and karaoke places are centrally located. Usually dominated by the college crowd, this place is also visited by the party goers and visitors from around the world.

The interior is spacious and well lit. The chairs are relaxing and comfortable. The staff and service are friendly and attentive. Definitely a place worth visiting, before or after you start your Cebu After Hours journey.

Coffee Bean Scent 

Address: General Maxilom Avenue Cebu City (Beside Sunburst Mango)



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