Sunday 2pm Cafe

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Korean Cafes….I think this is the fitting description for these type of places since they..IMHO were the ones to create what I like to call the “post It, dorm, school ” ambiance. I’m not sure which cafe opened first in Cebu, but I remember seeing FB postings of the Sunday 2pm cafe before anything else. The name is charming in itself where the owner feels that sunday 2pm is the time when people relax and and is also the time they open on sundays.

Back to the ambiance….borderline girly yet charming. You step in and the staff are friendly. The place is covered with post it notes from previous patrons. Books adore the shelves making you feel guilty that the new technology has you reading more online. There are clotheslines with pictures clipped to them of previous patrons as well.

I dropped by and sat down for a coffee and sandwich. It was quiet afternoon and I enjoyed the silence. If you are in the area, you should definitely come by and visit this place.

Sunday 2pm Cafe

(Part of or right next to)

Sarrosa International Hotel, F. Cabahug Street., Cebu City, Cebu


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