Tuslob Buwa at Azul

Its hip, its “trending.” I heard about “tuslob buwa” via word of mouth in Cebu. This is definitely a Cebu after hours activity, though I’ve heard it is also available starting at dinner time.

The ingredients: Tuslob buwa is a dip made of pig brain, oil, fish sauce, onions, shrimp paste.

If your a newbie, the staff will kindly guide you in putting the ingredients together and heat it over a portable burner. But if you regular, then I notice eveyone else knows what to do. The “buwa” bubbles comes when the ingredients are mixed together and it starts to boil almost borderline like a reduction since the soup slowly turns into a dipping paste. THe “tuslob” dipping part comes when you unwrap the “puso” rice wrapped and cooked in coconut leaf.”

After hearing what the ingredients were, I was at first reluctant to try it and a the same time it made me thing of the show Bizarre foods. However, When you visit the place, you cant help but the be intrigued by the buzz this place has. As you look around you see groups with their order and having a good time at their tables.

Taste: I was totally amazed, I thought I would be grossed out, but I have to admit, they are onto something here, the taste is definitely flavorful and goes well with beer. So if your in the mood to hang out with your friends and want to try something new definitely check this place out.

Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City
across Asilo de la Milagrosa Church, (near the old LBC bank)


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