La Creperie Paris Restaurant

ooh la la, its French…and its in Cebu. Its a place that serves both savory and sweet crepes. Ambiance….old French..I say old because the furniture is rustic ad the floor creaks when you walk in certain parts of the floor. The huge Eiffel tower stands outside to remind you what this place is about and they have French music running inside the place to put you in the french mood. The crepes, I tried both savory and sweet. First impression: It was my first time eating a savory crepe so it was interesting, I liked the selection of toppings I had, though for my dish I felt the egg was undercooked. The bacon was tasty and presentation not bad. The sweet crepe: for some reason I have an affinity for apple so I went with that. It didn’t wow me, but still tasted good and I appreciated the fact it didnt taste super sweet, I could be wrong, but I’ve noticed the real French stuff isn’t super sweet like the commercially offered French stuff. Any thoughts? Feel free to comment.

La Creperie Paris Restaurant

Unit 1 Sonrisa Suites, Juana Osmena StCebu City 6000Philippines

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