Jafar’s shawarma

P1020193P1020192 P1020186Every once in a while when I am in the Banilad area of Cebu, I stop by Banilad Town Center. There are a lot of nice restaurants here and the parking area is almost always full especially around dinner time. In the past view visits I’ve noticed a certain kiosk getting a lot of buzz. Jafar’s shawarma, usually draws a line around dinner time. Like any new place, there is a certain tension to the place. The tension between busy bustle of prepping the orders and taking the orders. Their choice of meats are interesting, they offer chorizo and US angus beef at additional cost. They also have biryani rice as an option instead of a wrap, something I will have to try on my next visit. Since I am always interested in trying something new. I was lucky that the line was just starting, however I could already see customers getting impatient as they waited for their order. The kiosk is small and snuggly fits the 5 employees hurriedly prepping the orders. One person takes the order and even her patience can run thin.

An interesting note, is there ordering system, where for a simple koisk, they give you a buzzer/light gadget that lets you know your order is ready if you are not in the area of  the kiosk, it is something you see used in big restaurants like TGI Friday’s.

So ambiance, its a kiosk in a strip mall with very little seating (2 tables), so this definitely falls into street food category. The taste, its definitely has its own distinct flavor with some spices that have an indian origin IMHO. The only discouraging part is thatI discovered foreign artifacts that were in my chicken wrap which made me worry, I wasn’t sure what it was maybe bamboo? Despite this, I am still tempted to try it again.

Jafar’s Shawarma (kiosk)

Banilad Town Center,

Cebu, Philippines


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