Big Daddy Food Truck



If you are a foodie or watch the foodie channels such as the food network or asian food channel you’ll know that food truck cuisine is become a trend. Its a way for entrepreneurs to experiment and share their creations without opening a restaurant or waiting for people to come to them, the food truck goes to the people.

Cebu offers the Big Daddy Food Truck. Its home base is next to Chikaan restaurant on Salinas Drive in Lahug, Cebu. However Ive been told that its regular spot on Friday nights is IT park (also in Lahug) which is a popular after hours place to be. They are also go to Park Mall in mandaue on certain evenings. Looking at the menu, its is generally American cuisine with Hamburgers and Hotdogs. However on the upper right hand corner of the menu are “paos” which are truly of the asian persuasion. You have Bulgogi (Korean), Teriyaki (Japanese), and Braised(Chinese?) meats in the pao. I opted to try the paos this evening. The pao is the same bread used in steam buns except think of these as steam bun sandwiches where the bread is sliced on side and filling is inserted. The filling is a combination of meat, sauce, vegetable filling, and dont forget the cilantro!

First impression: Staff friendly and accommodating. Food: the pao bread soft and pleasant in texture. The bulgogi is the pao with personality with the right amount of kick. The teriyaki seemed a little on the sweet side, but again tasty. The braised pao is tender in texture and great to eat. These are truly delicious meals to eat whether your looking for something different to try or in the cebu after hours and looking for something to eat after a few drinks.

Big Daddy Food Truck

Homebase: Next to Chikaan Restaurant, Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu

Fridays: IT park, Lahug, Cebu CIty, Cebu

Other locations: Park Mall



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