Civet Coffee



Civet Coffee

Mactan Island, across from Blue Water Maribago resort.

I heard about this place from a friend and was intrigued. To those of you, not keen on different types of coffee. Civet coffee is the famous coffee that comes from coffee beans which have go in the Civet cat and go out the other end. The process supposedly enhances the flavor of the coffee. Its been talked about in movies such as “The Bucket List” and others. Here’s something interesting their coffee beans come from bohol. Finally, something different from calamay!

This place offers that coffee at the price of P750 and thats at 30% level. To get higher percent coffee you have to schedule an appointment. As much as I wanted to try it, my budget couldn’t allow for it so I went with one of the “hand drip” coffees. The ambiance is great and the coffee is pretty good, take note I don’t consider myself a coffee expert. But this place is a nice place to visit and try out if your in the area. The person who prepares the coffee, prepares it with serious determination and the staff is friendly and more than kind to explain their coffee.

Civet Coffee  Address: Shang Island Towncenter, Datag, Lapu-lapu City Telephone: 236 2117


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