Der Kaiserhof



I’ve never been to Germany and as a foodie I have always been fascinated by some of their cuisine. As usual Cebu and Banilad town center finds a way to get a glimpse and taste as to what the food could be like. At Der Kaiserkof (“home of the emperor”) is the what the meaning is what I am told, they offer simple short order german cuisine in the form of the “schnitzel.” A schnitzel for all intensive purposes is a tenderized porkchop. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. The waitress with a smile was kind enough to show me and explain the menu since this was new territory for me. The prices are very reasonable and the taste is great. I highly recommend this place. I am told that their main location is located on Rahman St.  off of mango ave an is more of a fine dining experience with a more extensive menu. I definitely plan to visit that location as well.

Der Kaiserkof

Banilad Town Center

Banilad, Cebu City


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