Waki Waffles



My waffle quest continues and this time I have come across Waki Waffle at SM city cebu.  Besides the invasion of he “famous waffle” franchise, there are a few daring entrepreneurs that are also getting involved. I was informed by one of the staff how this is the first store for them and that the recipe, equipment, and ingredients are from Belgium!

With that said, I had to give it a try especially this is the first time I have encountered the idea that they offer two kinds of waffle. On this visit I tried the “Brussels.” I must say this is one of the best waffles, I’ve tried. I especially like the fact that they make it upon your order. They don’t have the waffles pre-made and then just heated up like Brussels Cafe ( review on this place to follow). The waffle itself is light and fluffy with just a tad of crispiness. On a second visit I tried the liege, unfortunately that one did not appeal to me despite its chewy description.

Nonetheless, give this place a try and go for the Brussels waffle with your favorite topping. I think you’ll find it may be the true belgian waffle.


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