Wee Nam Kee, Trinoma, Quezon City, Manila, Philippines



Hainanese chicken has been part of my food quest for a long time, so as I saw this establishment during my visit to manila, I felt compelled to try it and luckily It was lunch time as well. I am unclear as to what makes a good Hainanese chicken, but I can tell you I have tried many places and have had the pleasure of trying it in Singapore.

Ambiance: Wee Nam Kee has many locations, this one in particular is in the mall. It is spacious and fancy looking.

Food: although i recently saw something where this place is rated #1 in singapore, today must have been an off day or maybe this location was not as good. The meal overall was good, but I was not wowed by the Hainanese chicken. The dessert was very unique and although pricey I admit was the most interesting of bucci flavors I’ve tried. the vegetables seemed overcooked.

Overall not a bad place to have a meal, although I hope the Hainanese chicken improves on my next visit.


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