S & R, cebu



American style pizza in Cebu!! S & R is a membership shopping warehouse similar to Costco and Sam’s Club in the United States. By paying an annual membership fee, the idea is that you get to purchase houselhold items at cheaper prices. They sell both American goods and some local brands as well.

Located inside the warehouse is a food stand that sells probably the best American style pizza in Cebu. Take note, I’ve noticed that most Filipino pizzas are on the sweet side and people like to put ketchup or hot sauce on it. On American pizza, most people will put hot pepper, garlic powder, parmesan cheese or simply eat it as is. The ice cream they serve is also imported, so you can definitely taste the creaminess and the milk. I don’t know if its attributed to food technology or ingredients. They also server rotisserie chicken with rice which is also another popular item.

So if you know someone that has a membership, or thinking of becoming a member, be sure to try the pizza.


On Reclamation Road, Close to Cebu Doctor’s University and Park Mall


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