Manna SuTuKil (STK) Food House


Manna SuTuKil (STK) Food House

When in the islands, one of the things people crave or think of is fresh seafood. Now what if you could get fresh seafood, cooked like you wanted and have a nice view overlooking the water? On Mactan island, connected to Cebu, in the Lapu Lapu area are a group of rough cut restaurants dedicated to satisfying those cravings. The place neighbors the Lapu Lapu monument and take note there is a tendancy for “scouts” to lead you into the restaurant area and lead you to their restaurant, but feel free to take a look at all of your options before deciding. I would suggest you look at the seafood on display to see what you plan to have cooked and make your decision based on that. But if you are also going for ambiance along with good food then be sure to check out this place.
One of them is at the very end on the right side ( if you are facing the restaurants) called Manna SuTuKil. The staff are friendly, the food prepared well. It’s a little pricey, but you are paying for the fresh seafood and the ambiance.

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