Cafe Noriter


Address: One Acacia Place Unit 10-11 Arch Bishop Reyes Ave Cebu City

Contact Number: 0927 364 7138

Operating Hours: 11:00am-9:00PM

What happens when you place a lot of post it notes in a dorm like environment with cute knick knacks and serve coffee? You get Cafe Noriter. Other places like this exist in town such as waffle plus milk tea, cafe caw, and 2pm cafe. However this seems to offer a bigger space and more post it notes.

Ambiance: its cute, its like you stepped into a girls high school/college dorm. The crowd is mixed from college level, dates trying to impress their dates, and families.

Food: Its mostly beverages at the starbucks level of pricing. It amuses me that most people think Starbucks is for the rich people, while this place has same price range but most people are preoccupied by the ambiance and busy taking pictures. In regards to food they only had two dessert offerings at the time of this posting, both bread based.

The place definitely has a nice ambiance and is quite popular at this time. Go early if you want to get a cozy place inside.

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