La Maison Rose Restaurant




“oooh la la” One of he made up french expressions I know. French food is a new arena for me..It started trying macarons and now its moved on to French food. La maison is located in Lahug and has a pleasant, cozy, experience..its like your visiting someone’s house. The decor which has hints of chinese makes me think of the phrase “French Shanghai.” They do offer set menus at a reasonable price  if your not sure what to get. A notable feature is there use of ipads as menus and the staff are friendly enough to assist you in making choices. Fortunately the menu does have pictures and descriptions to decide.

On this first visit, I decided to order the pink peppered duck and a chocolate dessert. Again, I’m not an expert but it did taste delicious. I was told that the duck itself came from France so upon hearing that, I decided to order it. The duck was cooked well and to my satisfaction. The chocolate dessert was reminiscent of a warm brownie but it also was good.

They serve lunch and dinner at certain time frames but offer drinks and dessert throughout the whole day. A pleasant and tasty place to unwind and enjoy a good meal. Take note they advise making reservations if you decide to attend for dinner. The seating capacity is not that big which makes for a cozy experience.

La Maison Rose Cebu

371 Gorordo Avenue Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines

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