Earthquake in Cebu, October 15, 2013



Guard keeps people from entering famous Simila church in Simila, Cebu. Guard was instructed to wait for engineer to assess damage and safety. Stairways to church show damage on railings. People say there is a lot of broken glass inside the church.









Ceiling tiles fallen, in Gaisano grocery store in Naga City, Cebu



Building collapse in Mambaling, Cebu,



October 15, 2013, Cebu experiences earthquake registering about 7.2. Reports on casualties still being assessed, though a neighboring island Bohol has been reported to suffer greater damage in the form of broken roads, piers and collapsed churches. There are already reported deaths in Bohol, broken bridges, and no electricity,

In Cebu, most malls and business are closed. Fortunately it was a holiday so there was no school and traffice was minimal. There are collapsed houses and churches in Cebu, but so far reports till coming in as to total damage, Even as I type this I just experienced a 3rd of 4th aftershock.


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