Big Tom’s Charbroiled Burger




Look out Dong Juan, there’s  a new burger on the block. The place just opened last September 2013. First impressions. the staff is still in “soft opening” stage. However, it all comes down to the burger. Although these days due to the healthy lifestyle trend red meat is note on the list, I must say this is one of the better burgers I’ve tasted. IMHO, a burger is nothing without the lettuce, tomato, and sauce. It’s about the combination of flavors and I think Big Tom’s got the combination right. They are a little bit scant on the fries portion but the fries aren’t bad either. In regards to ambiance, the place is brand spanking new and has a nice contemporary look and feel to it making it feel like upscale burger joint. Theing  presentation is interesting since the burger comes on a chopping board with  a knife stuck in the burger. Big Tom’s Charbroiled burger.., it’s on the must try list.

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