Omelet Bistro





College crowd. foodies on a budget UNITE AND REJOICE. Omelet Bistro has an affordable menu and good food. IMHO, a place like this is a rare find. The ambiance is basic and frugal but at same time it creates its own charm. The food may be smaller in portion but could be the right portion from a nutrition point of view, and hey it lets you try other dishes. The food presentation is fine dining like but the taste is delicious.

I’m not an omelet expert, but I have to say they have one of the best omelets I have had. Its texture is smooth and fluffy (maybe use of milk?). I like like how they incorporate pumpkin and Parmesan into their dishes.

I’m not an expert on crepes, but again IMHO, its the best crepe Ive had  in Cebu so far. (compared to major hotels and the malls) Their crepe is simplicity at its best and yet for some reason I like the fact that their crepe has a light browning that gives it a slight crunch texture to it.

The French toast is also another delight in simplicity and taste, The combination of strawberry tartness and sweetness of syrup go well with the toast which is not mushy or too dry, making it just right IMHO.

I haven’t developed a formal ranking system, but as of this posting, this place is on my top ten list. Its a foodies’ goal to explore and try different places and cuisines, but most of all to find great taste at affordable prices. Omelet bistro is proof that is possible to enjoy great taste at an affordable price.  KUDOS!

Omelet Bistro & Restaurant

Mango Avenue

Cebu City, Cebu 6000 


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