Fung’s Noodle House


When it comes to dim sum, one of my favorite dishes is siao long pao. Looking for an afternoon snack, I decided to try this place out, Its a small parking nonetheless, but like most foodies, if you see a lot of people at the eating establishment then it must be worth looking into.

Ambiance is basic, its a short order kind of place, coming in I ordered the siao long pao right away along with some congee. The congee appealed to me since they say the fish is made from lapux2 which is rare these days. It seems the default fish it cream dory for most places. First Impression, food is not bad and affordable. The siao long pao is not as good as choi city but its still good as an afternoon snack. It’s only now that Ive read other patrons say that the 2 combination noodle is worth trying so I’ll be looking into that on my next visit.

Looking for some short order meals, look into Fung’s Noodle House. Take note at this time, they do not take credit cards.

Fung’s Noodle House

SSY buisness center

Salinas Drive

Cebu, Cebu 6000

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