I came in excited and left disappointed. I came in to tryout their “dossant “ and “brioche.” The Staff of 5 was busy at the time I came. One was helping a Korean customer, two were doing bookkeeping, the other two were helping take a delivery.

I waited patiently for my turn, however I noticed after helping the Korean customer, they went on about their work and for some reason could not see me standing right in front of them at the counter. So I waited patiently again for what felt like 15 minutes. Nothing…so I polite said “good afternoon” to get their attention and proceeded to inquire about the “dossant” and “brioche” bread.

I ordered the hazelnut dossant and it tasted like chocolate and in fact I think it was. From what I know of the industry if I were to return it, it comes out of the employees salary for the mistake so I went on to eat it. My impressions are in comparison to the WildFlour in Manila “Cronut: the brioche version too mushy. I could no longer sense the layered texture of the crossiant element. I was disappointed.

As for the brioche, I have no other brioches to compare it to, so for now I will simply describe it as soft, fluffy, and slightly sweet sort of like an ensamada with no cheese.

But even though I left disappointed, I still have plans of returning to try their other delights since I’m sure just because I had one bad experience doseent mean future visits will be the same.


UPDATE: I tried the apple cinnamon “dossant” and it is much better than the chocolate version. The apple filling does not over the flakiness and crispiness of the croissant element of the pastry. So. I guessing I just picked the wrong one or came in at the wrong time.


Location N. Escario Street, Escario Central, 6000 Cebu City

Food Styles Sandwiches

Hours Mon – Sun: 7:00 am – 11:00 pm


2 thoughts on “Brioche

  1. Hi, I am the pastry chef-executive officer of Brioche and I apologize for the poor service. There is no excuse for the insensitivity of my crew (especially the 2 doing bookkeeping). I have forwarded this blog page to my entire crew, so that they are aware of their shortcoming. We aim to please our customers (although at times we know we cannot please everyone) and please let us know if you feel you did not get the right product (hazelnut dossant) they may have given you the chocolate dossant. I do not charge my crew if they made an honest mistake in giving you the wrong order. Again, my apologies.

    • I thank you for your swift response and for addressing the experience. I still plan to try more of your establishments delicious pastries and encourage my fellow foodies to try the apple cinnamon dossant. In fact one of my friends already visited with her family.

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