Gentlemen Cafe, Pelaez St, Cebu City




Waffles, I don’t know what it is about them that makes them higher on my crave list compared to pancakes but when I see them on the menu I am compelled to order one. That is exactly what happened when I was walking around the University of San Carlos main area and came across the corner are with a small niche with the words waffle plus milk tea on it. As I approached, there were two friendly waitresses. And Behold! They offered waffles! Of course I had to try one, as I ordered I then noticed this stand was part of something cozier and nicer. To the left side of the place is a door that leads to thier cafe the gentlemen cafe, named after the Korean singer PSY’s song I imagine. 

The place is a little girly not as girly as CMYK. And is kinda homey in a nice academic way, the bookshelves are tastefully dont and its a nice space to unwind. The waffle was great and didn’t have that strange coconut smell that I and repulsed by that the famous belgium waffles have.

I am definitely going back to this place to try more items on the menu and unwind.


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