Ryan’s Pizzarelli House




Ryan’s Pizzarelli House. I noticed this place by accident walking around with some classmates and heard some mention of it by others. Thankfully they now have an additional location on Ramos St.,  since the one I went to was quite a challenge  to find. They did put signs on street corners to lead you to the place and the place itself is actually a house in a subdivision so if your looking for a hideaway place then this should be on your list.

The ambiance, is like visiting a mom and pop shop. You go in to someone’s house and you see the order counter, tables and chairs, and on the walls are countless pictures of previous patrons which is nice to see kinda gives you that college hangout kinda feel as well. 

The menu is broad and has a wide variety. For some reason I’m using the veggie pizza as my personal standard, its probably unfair but hey I’m only one person can only eat so much pizza. So I try to pick one item to compare to other places. To me pizza is about cheese and I am sorry to say that for some reason I was not fond of their style of pizza. The cheese reminds of the kind of cheese used by places like Alberto’s which I’m not fond of. HOWEVER, take note Alberto’s is actually a very popular pizza as well as Ryan’s. In fact, my classmate enjoyed the pizza I gave her and asked right away where I purchased it as proof of its deliciousness.

If you like Alberto’s , you’ll like Ryan’s. Though to me I personally prefer Calda’s pizza. For some reason I find their type of cheese agreeable. The top pizza for me so far is the one at S & R club shopping. Though I know S & R is the western standard so some people might unaccustomed to the sour taste compared to the sweet taste that Filipinos prefer and are accustomed to. For authentic italian there is Giuseppie’s in banilad, but if your like most people trying to keep a budget, Giuseppies is for special occasions.


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