Cupcaken, Labangon, Cebu




I have something of a sweet tooth. Doughnuts, pies (especially apple), pastries, and the such. Being a foodie, I added cupcakes. The standard I used is Red Velvet since it seems that was the trend at the time and had a friend who would search malls for it, her usual haunt were Figaro red velvet cupcakes. Not all red velvet cupcakes are equal nor do they taste the same.

I can’t really describe the taste of the red velvet I don’t like but I can tell you that that it reminds me of the more common cake batters and has a certain smell to it that I don’t find agreeable. Unfortunately these have been encountered at a bakery that starts with “L”. 

Cupcaken has good red velvet cupcakes thought I find it kinda pricey. The ambiance is nice, the staff is attentive and they have wifi. Its a nice place to bring a date. They also have great flavor combos for their cupcakes for which I have yet to try.


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