Roadhouse Cafe




“Steak..its whats for dinner” I usually avoid beef when I’m in the Philippines, but since I was on a “mini-vacation” I decide to make a point of trying places and things not in Cebu.  The waiter informed me that Roadhouse offered beef from its local farm, so if course I had to give it a try or maybe it was fate. I had originally planned to eat my usual chicken fillet with rice at Mcdonalds only to be old that they were it was “not available.”  So I end up going to roadhouse, the ambiance is an upgrade and so are the prices. the ribeye is P275 per 100g(at the time of this post). Ordered it medium well, but if you look at pic not sure if that is what its supposed to look like. Verdict: It is what it is, if you’ve eaten steak in the US, then lower your expectations, but if your used to the rubber tire like steak of the philippines this is a step up. In my own way I was trying to support local farms.

Roadhouse Cafe

Centrino Mall, Recto Ave,

Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental


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