This dessert is on fire!!


CYMK, a dessert place in Lahug, Cebu. Philippines. Located close to Waterfront hotel off the road going towards Ayala Mall.

Ambiance: Definitely on the girly side. little cute sayings on the walls, the waiters wear chef hats. The menu is like a photo album of polaroid pics. I like the idea they give fancy names to the desserts, but I would prefer a side note as to what the dessert is made of. We ordered baclava dessert and the one above. The baclava was too dry especially the raisins. However the dessert pictured above I would come back for. A small amount of alcohol is drizzled on baked alaska type dessert and it is lit on FIRE. Who doesn’t get a kick out of that. I have a video of it on fire on instagram. just add patrixpix168. I liked the dessert,  the taste of alcohol and sweetness worked for me along with the cream and brownie like food under the icing.

Most prices on menu start around P130 and they dont take credit cards, but I would go back for the flaming dessert.


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