Cupcakes by Sonja





Attention Hipsters! These aren’t your mom’s or neighbor’s cupcakes. These are designer cupcakes or I believe them to be. Especially when the price of one cupcake can be equivalent to two to three KrispyKreme assorted doughnuts. Im a foodie so of course I measure currency in doughnuts hehe. Although these cupcakes made by sonja serendra are hipster and designer they do taste good. My friend for the red velvet which was good, my cousin the creme brulet which was uninspiring, and I went for the elvis which was pure decadence. As expected elvis rocked as it was a mix of banana, chocolate, cream and peanut butter filling, and a broken reeses peanut butter cup on top. A place to go to impress your gf or indulge. 

Cupcakes by Sonja, Fort Bonafacio, Manila




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