Mey Lin, The taste of China restaurant, 4th Floor, SM Megamall, Manila,Philippines





In my perpetual quest for delicious chinese  food a lot of trial and error is performed, This is one a case of trial and yummy. As I wandered around the mall with my cousin waiting for the “coding” time to pass, we came across Mey Lin restaurant which advertised “hand pulled noodles.” The sign immediately attracted my attention so we stopped in and ordered taiwan beef noodle and siao long pao. The siao long pao was ok, but I really have to recommend the the broth of the taiwan beef noodle as well as the noodle itself. The beef unfortunately was tough and could have used more time in braise mode. However the broth and noodle were delicious and definitely had the hint of taiwan in it. I definitely recommend you to stop by and try a dish that has the noodles. The chef was even kind enough to allow me to observe the pulling of the noodles.

Mey Lin Restaurant, 4th Floor, SM Megamall, Mandaluyung city, Manila, Philippines

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