Wildflour Bakery and Cafe, Ground Flr,The Podium,Mandaluyong City


Foodies and pastry lovers rejoice. The croissant doughnut is now available in manila. Although the founder of the pastry originates from Soho, NYC, the word of its cross breed has reached the Philippines and I went into the field to investigate, Fist about the cafe itself, very nice and pleasant, I wanted to try the other items they had but unfortunately time and the rain season would not allow for it. Manila during rain season poses an additional flood watch to the already disconcerting “coding” and “alternate license plate number” usage of vehicles. Coding refers to only certain numbered plates allowed to run during rush hour and alternate plates means you can only run you car based on license plate number on certain dates. But back to the matter at hand, The “Cronut” a cross between croissant and doughnut. “It is what it is”, it does taste good, you get the flakiness of the croissant along with the sugar high and shape of the doughnut. The croissant doughnut has a sweet cream layer on inside and and a flavor on top, available in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. I don’t know if I would be willing to wait for two hours for it but I was definitely happy to try it and pleased with its taste. Looking to to try something new? Add this to the list.





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