Liza’a Homemade cookies, Pangdan, Jagna, Bohol



When I visit different places I always like to find out what things are popular in the neighborhood. Jagna, Bohol is famous for their calamay. but another item on the list is cookies. The flower shaped design is followed as a standard for most bakers and it would seem they are made in homes and sold in local convenience stores.

Like most small towns, people have their favorite bakers and there is a variation in taste. I like to think of these cookies similar to sugar cookies. I find it amusing that they couldnt come up with a specific name or something more detailed name than cookie. I simply identify them thru taste and the daisy flower shape.

Liza’s is new discovered and I seem to like the flavor and taste. Previously I prefered “ken Jen’s” cookies but now I have to go with Lizas. If your in town, make sure you look for them to try and buy for pasalubong.


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